Avocado Heavy Cream

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Pamper your hair with this moisturizing, healing &protecting cream. It is made from some of the best butters & oils nature provides.


Size: 8oz





Water, Avocado Oil, Palm Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol & Polysorbate 60, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Guar Gum, Optiphen, Fragrance oil 


Apply small amount to damp or dry Hair/Skin, massaging gently in circular motion leaving your skin soft & smooth without an overly greasy feel.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Shiranee Edmonson, 11/24/2015

This stuff is absolutely amazing. It is the most moisturizing product I have ever tried. I put my hair in a bun for about 4 days without putting any more moisturizer in it after the initial application. When I took my hair out of the bun after the 4th day, my hair was just as moisturized as the first day I put the moisturizer in. That never happens with any other moisturizer I have tried. The buttercream scent also smells heavenly.

Reviewed by Stacie, 09/25/2015

This is the best heavy cream or sealant I have ever used! Definitely HOLY GRAIL!!! :)

Reviewed by Antisha, 07/07/2015

My hair loves this product!! I have made this part of my LOC method

Reviewed by Candace Michelle, 07/06/2015

Love love love! If I could give this product 20 stars, I would! The texture is everything. The name fits because it truly is a heavy cream. I classify my hair as highly porous thick 4c, and this cream is just what I need for moisture, soft hair, and defined twist outs. I've used this product on both wet and dry hair, and I'm very pleased.

Reviewed by Chocka-DN, 04/15/2015

Used this to twist my hair after applying the Buttercream Styling Frosting. My hair was super soft, and defined. It wasn't as moisturized as I would have liked. I'll be continuing my use of this product. I like the softness that results.

Reviewed by Sheryl, 04/12/2015

This gives me great moisturization on my hair; I also use it on my skin!! A lot of the products are multi-use!

Reviewed by Scheria, 01/16/2015

Lawd-ha-mercy this stuff is amazing. It functions as 2-in-1 for my multi textured hair. This product is able to moisturizer and style my hair. Also noticed increased length retention when using to seal my ends. Love, love LOVE it!!!!

Reviewed by NeNe9730, 01/12/2015

Omg! This product is holy grail, very moisturizing and defines curls to profection!!