Body Roll-on

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Pamper your skin with this nourishing, healing & protecting oil.


Size: 13ml



 Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Calendula, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil


Roll a small amunt unto desired areas. Enjoy the great smell



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by IWC, 09/21/2015

I love to get these in all the scents I get my other products so I can layer scents. Ssssssoooooo Yummy

Reviewed by Bridgett T., 07/19/2015

I love the roll on. I kep one in purse to refresh the scent I'm wearing or just to have in case I forget to use my body spray

Reviewed by Julia W., 06/08/2015

I keep my roll-on in my purse. I much prefer this over perfume. I love the fruity scents that are available. Thanks for the AWESOME product!

Reviewed by Donna, 05/18/2015

These perfumes are alot of scent for the buck. The scent is lasting. I have it in Pineapple Souffle and its the perfect summertime scent!

Reviewed by Aryka, 04/16/2015

I keep a roll on with me at all times. So convenient when i'm out and about and I forget to put on body spray. These little tubes are powerful

Reviewed by Summer M., 04/13/2015

I have the roll on in scent flirt. I keep it in my purse daily. I love it.

Reviewed by Sheryl, 04/12/2015

This is my perfume!! I have very bad allergies and all of the scents I have tried doesn't bother my allergies!!!

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