Self Directed Reward Program

Self Directed Reward Program

   I know some of you might be asking what is the Self Directed Reward Program. Well we wanted to put a reward program in place so you can earn free items on top of our reward center. So here are the detail of the program

The reason it is called self directed is because you will have to keep track of your items if you would like to participate. We did it this way because there are 100s of you & only 4 of us. Trying to keep track of everyone would not have worked. This way you only have to keep track of what you order & as long as you long into your account before you order you will always have a record of what you brought. 

This program is good on any single item you brought starting 7/15 when we reopened the site. 


Buy 10 Get 1 Free

Buy 10 of any 1 product & get the 11th one free. I know for some of you this might take a little while to add up but for some of you because you buy the same type of product all the time this will add up quick. 


Here is how you can redeem. Once you have brought 10 of an item in the note to seller section of your order write Redeem & the item name. For this example let say Creamy Oil. Then give us a break down of order number where you purchase the 10 creamy oils. it could be any order as long as it is after 7/15/17. Please note bundles do not count in these numbers. You can redeem this offer at any time I know some people it might take them a while to get to 10 so as long as you give the order numbers we will honor this for you as long as the order are found under your account so you must be signed in to get credit. For those who have multiple accounts please pick 1 account to use so that we can give you credit for all the items you purchase. Example below

Redeem Creamy Oil

#1 order number 5068403

#2 order number 5068403

#3 order number 5068403

#4 order number 5068403

#5 order number 5068890

#6 order number 5068890

#7 order number 5069073

#8 order number 5069073

#9 order number 5069143

#10 Current Order

Free Creamy Oil Scent Option Starlite


As you can see this person order 4 creamy oils on their 1st order. 2 on their 2nd order 2 on their 3rd order. 1 on their 4th order & 1 today to make up their 10. They let us know what scent they wanted so we can process this for them & add their free item to their order. They can also still put a free item in their order from the reward center. One does not effect the other. We want to give you all multiple ways to save & earn free items. 


Please note if you buy 4oz size product & 8oz products because they are not the same price they will be consider different products sorry. We are going to test out some option to make redeem these rebate come faster. Please stand by for an update to this post once we have time to test out these other options. We hope you all are excited about the option of getting more free items. =)