Lajay - Feminine Cleansing Honey


Pamper your skin while you clean itIt is made from some of the best butters & oils nature provides.



Size: 6.5oz







Water, Goat's Milk, Greek Yogurt, Vinegar, Sunflower Oil, Saponified Canola Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter




Customer Reviews

Reviewed by La Shauna, 10/30/2015

I first used this on my body, and i hated it, then i used it on my "Lajay" ugh, hated it. It made my skin feel so weird i can't describe it. I was thinking what the heck am I gonna do with this. I bought it during a sale, so I only paid $4, so I was considering chucking it quite honestly. But then I thought, have I tried everything? So then I remembered a reviewer above say that she uses it on her face. I gave it one more chance. I used it with my clarisonic, and OH MY GOODNESS. I'm so glad i did, its leaves my skin super soft and clean. Ladies, its a must if own a clarisonic. I'm so glad i was determined to make this work. After use, i tone then moisturiise.

Reviewed by Antisha, 07/07/2015

By far the best cleanser I have used, because of the pump I am able to use on my face and body. I saw a change in my skin within days.. Thanks for such a great product.

Reviewed by Stacey M., 07/04/2015

I can't use this for what it was designed for, but it leaves my body feeling silky. It is a staple for me.

Reviewed by lyaaak, 06/13/2015

Love this stuff

Reviewed by Bridgett T., 06/08/2015

I really like this. I will be keeping this one in the shower most def. I have sensitive areas that cannot take just any soap. I feel fresh all day. No itchy or dry feeling just clean and fresh!

Reviewed by Akia, 06/05/2015

love this product... It keeps me smelling fresh all day.. Plus I wash my face with it as well. My skin is as soft as a baby's bottom!!!

Reviewed by Donna F, 05/18/2015

Please don't ever stop making this. I have 2 bottles. I use one on my face and one on my body. I don't know whats in it, but its the perfect formula for keeping you clean and fresh feeling all day long.

Reviewed by ellahonda, 05/02/2015

love this stuff i keep this in my shower no more summer eves product EVER .... FYI it keeps me feeling fresh all day long

Reviewed by mdp171, 04/12/2015

This is a staple for me! This keeps me fresh and a little goes a long way. I have also used this on my face when my acne gets out of hand and it keeps it in check.

Reviewed by Sheryl, 04/12/2015

Keeps me fresh all day long! This is a staple in my shower.

Reviewed by Tanya B., 01/10/2015

I live this stuff!! It lathers a lot and keeps me fresh all day. This will be a definite staple. Please don't change the formula. The pump bottle gives you the right amount every time.